Poetry, essays, blog posts and articles on topics ranging from lifestyle & personal growth to communication & boundaries. Life in Christ is the center of my world and all of these subjects are colored by my faith.

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I love sharing God's word, practical advice for growing closer to Him and what true discipleship looks like.

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My genuine curiosity and deep thought processes guide me to interest in the spiritual formation of others, and lend themselves to thought provoking and engaging conversations.

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My vivid imagination has defined me since before I could talk.

I love transparent and raw communication that takes root in the deepest places in my heart.

I also love learning and allowing God to teach, grow and change me and then sharing.

I believe that my transformation can't continue if I don't pass on what God has given me.

This page, my writing and all of my communication is my heart . . . raw places and all . . . lain bare for the glory of God.


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