.opinion time.

ok girls.  tis time for yo opinion again.

next month I am attending a fundraiser/party where the dress is themed "Bohemian Chic".  I don't know why they can't make it easy and just say "hippie"or "70's", but whatever...since I have limited knowledge as to what "Bohemian Chic" actually is, I am open for suggestions, but in the mean time, I have pulled together this little outfit and wanted your opinion...

and yes.  I will be buying these shoes regardless. love.

above all from nasty gal.

above from asos.

so hit me with it.  love it?  hate it?



Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Those shoes are crazy awesome!
I love everything!

Mrs. Mama said...

please get all those items and put it together. i think you can pull off just about anything. Okay, scratch that, you CAN pull off anything.


end. story.


californiadreamin said...

Yes, most definitely get those pieces, and take pics! Your gorgeous girl, I think you could pull it off for sure.

Kristen said...

I think the clothing pieces with the headband will look great together! I don't think the shoes are what's considered bohemian though.... lol Something more sandal-like would work!

ashley said...

shoes are insane! I looove the dress-- very what you call 'bohemian chic' :)

Danielle-Marie said...

Yes, I think gladiator sandals would go better. Other than that, I love the outfit.

Angie said...

That dress/top is AMAZING!!!

S said...

Those are amazing! I mean those shoes are incredible! Check out Nicole Richie for some inspiration. She has perfected bohemian chic!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

I think everyone needs those shoes. Amazing.