.quick catch-up and a Carrie sighting.

hello all.

and how was your weekend?

mine was swell.

spent it in my home sweet home.  Nashville.

My grandmother was recently diagnosed with cancer and was having surgery so I went in to see her and catch up with family that I haven't seen in a while.  She not only did perfectly through surgery, but she also accepted Christ, which is just so amazing!  It was a quick trip, but other than Kings getting sick, it was perfect.  I just love Nash.  I miss it so much and would love to be back there one day, but I doubt that will happen since Brandon loves the ocean and mountains.  


Something fantastic happened yesterday.  Something that made my day.  Something that was life changing.

ok.  that last statement mayyyy have been a bit dramatic.

Ms. Carrie Marie Fisher, a.k.a. Carrie Underwood, smiled at me in the airport.  No joke folks.  I was listening to my Carrie playlist all day while getting ready to go, I drove by her salon twice the day before hoping and praying that maybe I could just catch a glimpse, and I thought to myself..."wouldn't it be grand to see her in the airport?"  Of course.  I never thought this would happen.  

I did see Heather McDonald from Chelsea Lately in the airport.  She did not smile.  She is not as exciting.  She is no Carrie.  

After going through security I had lost all hope of a Carrie sighting.  There's always next time right?  But...as my girl and I were strolling down to gate C-9, there she was!  She looked at Kings and smiled.  Then she looked up at me and smiled!  My heart may or may not have skipped at beat.  Just a mili-second of a beat.

at least I didn't audibly gasp out loud when she walked by like I did when I saw Keith Urban at Cracker once.

btw.  Keith is teeny.  I mean like a tiny little bean.  A cute tiny little bean, but a bean nonetheless.

Seeing her just made my day.  She is as cute and beautiful in person as she is one TV.  I have loved her since the day she won Idol.  Not only is she gorgeous, but she acts and dresses like a respectful, classy lady.  I wish there were more "Carrie" type celebrities today.  Girls that I wouldn't mind Kingsley looking up too.  A world with less Britney's and more Carrie's would be a great world indeed.  

Here are some fun facts about Carrie and I...just in case you were wanting to know.

1.  She was born in Oklahoma and I was in Texas.  These are neighboring states.

2.  Her middle name is Marie and so is mine.

fate?  i think so.

3.  She has blonde hair and I once had blonde hair.  She pulls it off a LOT better than I.

4.  She has dogs and I have dogs.

5.  She has a muscular husband and I have a muscular husband.

6. According to the newest People mag, she wears Nars Orgasm blush and I wear Nars Orgasm.

7.  Her new single is set to release on Feb. 23 and my oldest sons birthday is on Feb. 23.

8.  She was wearing hot pink jeans in the airport and the day before, I was at Green Hills Mall seriously contemplating the purchase of some 7 for all Mankind hot pink jeans.  I did not.  BUT, I did order some this morning.  though, they are not 7's.  I couldn't bring myself to spend $170 on such a trendy color, so I got mine from ASOS for $57.  cha-ching.

9.  Carrie flys Southwest and I fly Southwest.

I believe we are meant to be.

She is going to be in Baton Rouge for the Country Superfest and I'm about 99.99999% sure Brandon will let us go.  We'll call it a Mother's Day gift.

So now you know.  I love Carrie.  Always have.  Always will.  



.yeah, i'm THAT mom.

you know.  the crazy one at sporting events that everyone hates?  that's me.

guilty as charged.

I can't help it though.  I'm proud of my boys and I get excited.  I guess I would be the obnoxious, yelling crazy mom who actually cares about the game as opposed to the snooty-falooty mom who is only interested in what others will think if she cheers and when her next pedicure is due.

I had this revelation yesterday while going through old photos/videos on my iPhone and I happen to come across a video of Becks at his last basketball game.  I start to watch and not even 5 second in, all I hear is this CRAZY lady SCREAMING at Beck (nicely, but definitely yelling), there's a pause and then she starts again.  I'm thinking..."who the %@*%# does this lady think she is yelling at MY boy?!!????"

oh wait.  never mind.  it's just ME.

I was the crazy lady.  I'M SORRY.  I can't help it!  When my Becks gets the ball I just get so excited for him and I want him to do well.  Nothing in the world pulls at my heart strings more than seeing my babies proud of their accomplishments.  


as you can see.  I take my "excitement" to the next level.  I'm ashamed to show you, but I will.  Don't judge me.

well. moving on.

so...the husband.  well...

he's out of town.  and my world is turned upside down just a little lot.  I know.  I'm like the one crazy woman in the world who turns into a big, fat emotional mess when her husband leaves.  I don't get the element of freedom that some women get so excited about when their man goes out of town.  I can't sleep when he is not in the bed.  I don't want to go out because he is my best friend and he's not with me.  I feel unprotected and vulnerable in the house with the kids.  I have no one to make out with at the end of the night.


sorry mom.

The night before he left he decided it would be beneficial to give me a tutorial on how to load the gun just in case...little does he know....I did not hear one word he said (thank God I can load a gun already) because I couldn't keep my eyes off of his muscles.

I know I didn't do a good job of capturing the sexiness of his muscles, but they're there.  I swear.

i has to get off my computer now and make my house look semi-decent before my man gets home.

mmmm-mmmm so excited!



.i once was lost, but now.

i am FOUND!

yeahhhh boyyyy!

So last night I was seriously falling into the deepest depression at the thought of never finding my ring.  I cannot reiterate enough that I looked EVERYWHERE!  Brandon even unscrewed our fireplace to see if one of the kids had maybe dropped it into a hole or something.  I finally needed to take a break from looking so I went upstairs to wash my face and I noticed a set of J. Lindenberg tags sitting on the bathroom counter that were from a sweater I had purchased for Brandon at Christmas.  I have NO IDEA why I had the notion to pick up the tags, but I did.  I was just going to throw them away. 

 And there was my ring!  

To say that I screamed would be the understatement of the century.  You would have thought Publishers Clearing House had just shown up at my bathroom door with balloons and check in hand.  I instantly ran to get Brandon who was waiting at the bottom of the steps for me and I literally jumped in his arms and just held on for like 5 min.  I have never been more excited!  

Sure Brandon could have gone out a bought me another ring.  A bigger ring.  With a 4 carat round cut diamond.  (hint hint for the future...haha...just kidding.  sort of.  no I totally am.  sort of) but I didn't want another ring.  I wanted my ring.  The ring that he sold his car for.  The ring that sent me on an amazing scavenger hunt all over Nashville.  The ring that was tied to the laces of my fave pair of shoes.  The ring that Brandon worked his butt off for when we had nothing except for a new baby.  The ring that he gave me on the rooftop of The Flying Saucer overlooking the downtown Nash skyline.

that ring.

The ring with all the memories.  The ring that is more than sufficient for the rest of my life.  My most prized possession.

And I will go to my dying day claiming that God made my ring reappear on my bathroom counter because myself and Brandon looked over and over and over at least 1000x's and the ring was absolutely, without question, not anywhere on that counter. 

 I love that I serve a God who desires to grant my smallest, most insignificant requests.

and you have all the right in the world to believe I'm crazy for thinking that and you can think my ring happened to be there all along.  but I don't care what you think.  I care that my God loves to do extraordinary things for me.  Insignificant, unworthy me.  He loves to see me happy and I would rather go the rest of my life "being crazy" and expecting/receiving miracles from my Father, than to being boring and always look for the logical answer.  faith is fun.

Thank you for all the prayers and stories of lost rings that made me feel a little less crappy in the wife department.  I know my ring means nothing to the rest of you, but your sweet comments really made my day and to know that you took the time to pray and share comforting thoughts really means the world.

xoxoxox. happy Friday loves.


.and the worst wife award goes too.


in case you haven't heard the worst news to ever hit the airwaves...

i have "misplaced" my wedding ring.  i refuse to say "lost".  there's no hope with "lost".  there's hope with "misplaced".


I'm officially the suckiest wife ever.

I know all women love their wedding ring.  But I LOVE my ring.  I'm obsessed with it.  I love the story behind it.  I love the memories I think of every time I look at it.  I love how Brandon was so proud to give it to me.  I love how I'm now (again) crying as I type this.  

I realized yesterday morning that I didn't have my ring on.  There are only two places that I EVER leave it and that's my inside my bedside table or my bathroom counter.  When I went to get it, I couldn't find it (obvi) and I thought I was going to have a full blown panic attack.  I have searched my entire house 1000x's over and still no ring.  I'm beyond devastated.  I can't stop crying and I feel awful.  Finally last night Brandon took me to dinner so I could take my mind off the ring...it didn't work.  While drowning my sorrows in a Key Lime pie martini (or 3..don't judge) and scallops, I was desperately trying to hold back the tears.

None of this has anything to do with the cost of the ring, it could be easily replaced, it has everything to do with the sentimental value of the ring.  Brandon sold his car to buy it for me when we literally had nothing. And of course he is being so sweet about it even though inside I know he's bummed and so that makes me feel even worse!

so.  as you can see, it means a lot to me.

I'm just praying that it shows up unexpectedly because I don't think I can handle not ever finding it.  If you pray, please send up one for me :) and if you happen to see this on the side of the road let me know...

and... if you have ever lost your ring, please send your story my way so I don't feel quite so bad about myself as a wife...and a human...


this saying is awesome and makes me feel like crap.