.a happy 7 year old and a mother's broken heart.

 this is what my day consists of today.

My big boy is officially a 7 year old.  I feel like birthdays are a cruel joke.  Yes, you get presents and a day to be celebrated, but you also lose a year with the ones you love.  God should have made it where birthdays are no less than every other year in my humble opinion.

but oh well.

the last pic of my sweet boy as a 6 year old.  kill me now.

So I would say Beck's birthday was a success.  He woke up to a fully decorated downstairs, complete with streamers, balloons and a lot of love.  He was so happy that he just sat on my lap and hugged me.  

definitely my favorite moment of the day.

He was aloud to open one gift before school and he got a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em game.  He loved it.  Then it was time for his breakfast of choice...sausage, bacon and Gatorade.  Yes.  That was his request.

He wanted chocolate cupcakes for his class...two without frosting of course.  My boy does not like frosting.  Then I surprised him at school with a pizza party for his class.  He was so excited and gave me the biggest hug when I walked in.  I live for those moments.

He's getting his birthday spankings from his teacher.  He loved it!
(and no, she didn't really spank him, though I don't think it would be a bad idea for schools to adopt the paddling rule again.)

 After school he had some friends over for more pizza, cake and some Captain America action.  Tonight it's a Red Robin and bowling family fun night and his "school friends" birthday party is next weekend.  All in all, I think he had a great day.  I love my big boy and hope he loves me enough to live with my until he's 40.  

slightly kidding.  slightly.

and thank you so much for all of your sweet bday wishes for him!  I read them to him this morning and he said, "ahhhh! Mom you have sweet friends!"

i agree.


.one of 3 worst days of the year.

today is a very sad day.  a day that I dread and hate and wish I could just sleep through.

It's Beckham's birthday.

Sure,  I should be excited.  Sure, this is a day of celebration.  But to me, this is day that represents one less year with my baby and one year closer to him moving out AND LEAVING ME FOREVER!

maybe not forever...but you understand.

I'm kind of hoping that my kids adopt the worldview of living with your parents until marriage.  I do not feel the need to kick my kids out at 18.  Personally, I think that's a big mistake, but that's a post for another day.

Seven years ago today, at this very moment, I was experiencing the worst pain of my life (I did't get my epidural till some time later) waiting for the biggest blessing.

This guy changed my life.  He is so amazing and I learn so much from him every day.  I am the biggest mess today.  But I have to pull myself together for a pizza party at his school and a big birthday celebration after school.  Pray for me.  I am struggling today :)

xoxoxox.  love you ladies.


.help me.

so this post was supposed to highlight the winner of the Naked 2 palette and I tried the whole random number generator thingy, but when I went to post it, the number disappeared???

someone help me!  how do I do this?


.happy saturday.

Today is a good day so far.  

got to sleep in a bit.  venti iced coffee in my belly.  tanning bed sesh.

now chilling for a couple of hours before I have to get ready for one of our favorite events of the year, Red Hot Night.  It's an amazing fundraiser that happens every year around Valentine's Day and we love it since it benefits Children's Mercy Hospital.  This is our 4th year going and it is always so much fun!  I'm wearing this dress...

and these shoes...

I actually bought these shoes in a nude color to wear with the dress, but Brandon liked the pink better so obviously I'm going with the pink since you got to impress yo man at all times.  

and I just have to say I am soooo excited because a very sweet friend who just happens to be an AMAZING makeup artist is coming to my house to do my makeup!  Do you realize how fantastic this is?  With my old makeup chic I had to go to the salon to have it done and now I don't!  I get to sit in the comfort of my own bar stool (maybe a little vino in hand) and she does it all.  No babysitter needed.  Perfect.

nowwww....make sure you enter my giveaway!  It ends tomorrow at midnight (CST) and I promise you will LOVE the Naked 2 palette.  It pretty much changed my life.

xoxoxx. have a good weekend loves.


.giveaway time, my loves.

You know what I noticed today when I signed into my dashboard?

I noticed that I had over 300 followers.

helloooooo. where did y'all come from?  so glad you're here!

I'm amazed every day when I blog that there are actually people out there in the world...

ok. "world" may be a bit broad.  let's say out there in the lower 48.

that read my blog, and furthermore, take the time to leave sweet comments on my posts.  Comments make me feel all good about myself.

My favorite compliments are when people tell me they can hear me talking through my writing and that I'm funny.    I truly love to blog.  I never thought of myself as a writer, but I just love it and I believe I would still love it even if no one else did.


I wanted you ladies to know that I really do appreciate you all and have loved forming relationships that never would have happened had I not started to blog....so with that said, it's GIVEAWAY TIME!  yay.

I'm super excited to introduce to you my new favorite product...maybe ever.  I know you have heard of her before, some may already have her, but for those who don't, I promise you will love her!

drumroll....please say hello too...

I bought this amazingness about two or three weeks ago and I am obsessed.  The colors are amazing and the brush is heaven.  By far the best brush I've ever owned. And the gloss?  My new fave.  I believe you need to have one too.

so you know how this goes.  to enter...

1.  follow me through Google Friend Connect (mandatory)

and for more chances to win...

2.  Tweet about the giveaway.

3.  Facebook about the giveaway (you can find the "A Lovely Mess" Facebook page link above.

 Leave a comment for each separate entry and sorry to my lovely readers across the big blue sea...this giveaway is only open to my North American sistas. 

You have until midnight (CST) on Sunday, February 12th to enter.

ok. on your mark, get set, go.