.our perspective.

so ladies.  

have you ever wondered what your man in really thinking?

have you ever wondered what the key to a good marriage is?


here is your chance to find out.

MY husband.  The one and only Brandon has agreed to do a vlog this weekend answering any and all questions related to what guys really think, want, need, etc.  AND we will answer any and all questions regarding our marria

so if you have ever wondered how we make it work?

now is the time to ask.

if you ever wonder if your husband really likes your outfit?

now is the time to ask.

have you ever wondered what to do/not do to get a man?

now is the time to ask.

we will take any and ALL questions.

really.  this is a great time to get the mans perspective.  my husband is an open book.  he'll shoot you straight.  if you're' single, he'll tell you what you need to know to bag a man.  He'll tell you the truth even if your man won't.  If you're married he'll tell you what your husband wants, doesn't want, and what he's really thinking.

email anonymously if you like.  I'm no Dr. Drew and neither is the mister man, but hey, we can tell you whats been working for us for the past 8 years.  

no...our marriage isn't perfect, but I'm about 124.564% this is a lifelong deal.


and I mean a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.

comment or email.  alovelymess@live.com

if you choose to be anon, just clarify in zee message.


The Fanchers.



not a super exciting post.  just wanting to share a special moment that happened today.

right before Crew went to school today, he was laying in my bed talking to me and it dawned on me that we've never "spooned".  Sure, we've cuddled.  But never specifically spooned.  So I layed on my side, pulled him over to me.

After a moment, he grabbed my hand, slipped his precious little fingers in between mine and sighed the best sigh of contentment I have ever heard.  He didn't talk.  He just laid with me.  I (of course) started to tear up, which isn't a stretch for me.  Then caught a pic of us.

also.  speaking of "spooning" or rather something to stick a spoon in.

I was supposed to make Dirt 'n Worms for Crew's class today in honor of Earth Day and I found a recipe on Pinterest that would have no doubt been super cute, but it also would have taken hours to get through. So in an attempt to simplify my life and try not to overdue it, I grabbed four packs of snack-pac pudding, a bag of gummy worms and some oreos.  After a few rounds in the food processor, I sprinkled the Oreos on top of each snack-pac each containing four worms...shoved in a spoon and called it a day.  The kids love them and it literally only took 10 min.  

as Crew would say, it was easy peasy lemon squeezy.


*fyi.  if you have a nut allergy or your kids do, you can use the Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers.  Not only are they nut free, but they're also manufactured in a facility that is nut free.  

*sorry if this is a double dose of these pics for you after seeing them on my Instagram.  but if you're not following me, you can do so here or by searching hmfancher.


.d is for doppelgänger.

you guys remember like a year ago when it was the "thing" to put your celebrity look alike...or doppelgänger...as your profile pic on Facebook?

well, I personally feel like some...ok most...people took a bit of liberty with that whole thing, but it was hilarious nonetheless.

I have never even done the whole look alike thingy.  My husband thinks I look like Sophia Vergara.  This is why I married him.  I've heard Mandy Moore too.  But I want to know the ugly people that I look like, so I was super stoked when Raven decided to host a Doppelgänger link-up!  

I decided to do a pic of both Brandon and I so I could see what his was as well...too funny.  So without further adieu.  Drumroll.

so this is the pic I chose...semi-decent of the both of us, no?

and these are my results!  

ok.  Other than QL, Meryl, (who looked fierce in The Devil Wears  Prada, btw), ginger Julianne, Renee and Madonna...I'm not completely disappointed.  UM, KRISTIN?  Yes.  Love her sweet face and slightly obsessed with GCB.  Eva?  I'll take it any day.

and the best part about the whole thing?  my man looking like Madaleine Albright?  HA!  Though Bruce and The Rock?  not the worst individuals to be compared to!

who is your celeb look alike?  xoxxoo.


.lean green cleaning machine.

So there comes a time in a woman's life where you really come to grips with what's important.

at one time it was  big hair, fake lashes and extra-high heels.

now. times are a changin' and the things that once excited me, well...they still do, but...I have added one to the list.  

laminate flooring.

or rather, cleaning it.

We live in a town home and recently installed laminate hardwood.  We went with the laminate because our place will be a rental property when we buy a house and it's a lot more durable (and cheaper) than hardwood.  I love my flooring, except for one itty bitty teeny tiny detail.

i cannot.  for the life of me.  keep it clean.

I have the coveted Shark Vac then Steam.  I was certain that dropping the dreaded $150 on the purple contraption would make my floors gleam, but I was very wrong.  

a.  contrary to popular belief, the steam aspect of the aforementioned is very bad for wood floors...real or laminate.

b.  it leaves streaks.

c.  it leaves a filmy residue. 

d.  its a complete waste of money.

e.  if you have linoleum or ceramic tile, disregard A through D.

I have seriously been pouring over Google trying to find the best way to clean these damned floors and I keep running across the same thing.  Hot water + vinegar.  No bueno.  Still leaves a film.  Then yesterday I randomly found the secret potion to make my floors sparkle and shine  The reviews were all the same.  


and even better.  I had most of the ingredients in my cabinet.  So here you go ladies...

1/3 cup of water

1/3 cup of white vinegar

1/3 cup of rubbing alcohol

3 drops of dish soap

combine is a spray bottle and voila!

I didn't have the rubbing type of alcohol and I didn't think champagne would cut it.  I had to run to Tar-jay anyhow so I grabbed the alcohol, a microfiber mop and a few microfiber cloths.  I didn't even get my bags unloaded before I had my concoction whipped up.  Down on bended knee and microfiber cloth in hand, I sprayed the dirtiest spot on my floor and started wiping.

can I just say...I do believe the Heavens parted and the light of God was illuminating right off that very spot on my perfectly spot, streak, and film free floor?

I think the alcohol in the mixture is the best part.  It causes your floors to dry really fast and I believe this is why streaks don't appear.

I may or may not have squealed with excitement.  I then proceeded to clean another spot and another and I couldn't stop!  My floors have never looked so good and they will no longer be a point of shame in my life.
I tried to get a few shots of the results and hopefully you'll be able to see, but if not, I promise it works!

I wish the pics really showed you guys have amazing this stuff is!  And lets just sweeten the deal why don't we.  I went on to clean all of my mirrors, my stainless appliances, my kitchen table and my countertops with this stuff and I could have cried.  My appliances looked 100x's better than they do when I use my stainless cleaner and my mirrors?  Flawless.

Needless to say.  The Vac then Steam is taking a trip back to Bed Bath and Beyond.  All in (alcohol, spray bottle, microfiber cloths and microfiber mop...I already had the vinegar and dish soap) I think I spent $20?  Now I have perfectly clean surfaces that involved ZERO harsh chemicals and $130 on it's way back into my pocket.

If you end up trying this out PLEASE share your story with me!  I want to know how it works for you!

happy cleaning ladies...xoxxoxox.

p.s.  obviously I won't being cleaning my floors on hands and knees with a spray bottle and cloth, so that is where the microfiber mop comes in.  It has a built in spray bottle and the cloth is washable.