.save vs. splurge.

I must preface this post a bit..

I know that the majority of you will probably laugh...some may cry...at the comparison I'm about to present to you.  We're talking Tiffany's engagement ring to Cracker Jack's prize ring.

so with all that to say.

I've been in the market for a simple, sexy, black point toe pump.  Obviously my desires are instantly directed to ever-amazing Manolos.

These ones to be exact.

yes.  they are beautiful and no doubt would make my feet super happy.  But at $595, my bank account would not be pleased and my husband would disown me.  So my solution?

get ready to laugh.

These guys (who do actually bare a slight resemblance to the beauties above) are Steve Madden.  Now this in no way is a slam on SM.  I have an endless amount of SM's filling up my closet and I love them all.  So in my attempt to not channel my inner Sarah Jessica Parker (which I desperately want to channel) I have decided that these numbers will do for now.  And the fact that they are only....wait for it...$39.99 makes all parties involved very happy.  My silver lining to this whole situation is the fact the the SM's are 1/4 inch taller than the Manolo's.  

as I always say...the higher the heel, the closer to Heaven.  and the hotter my husband thinks I am.

win, win.

So are you guys rolling on the floor in hysterics right now?  Are all of you fasionista's appalled?

yes?  good.

Well there you have it.  I technically haven't received these in the mail yet, but when I do, I shall post pics and you will see that I'm not completely crazy.

xoxoxox.  Happy Monday!