.dying for SPRING.

I need warm weather pronto.  I'm dying.  Do you know that it is 7 degrees here this morning?  7 DEGREES!  What in the heck is that?  The Weather Channel says it feels like -5.  That is just unnatural.

I long for platform sandals, shorts and open windows.  And to add insult to injury, Victoria's Secret sent me a nice little email this morning telling me all about the cute little spring items that they have.  CRAP.  So now I am tempted to shop and won't be able to wear any of it until April....at the earliest.

I need.

I swear VS should start paying me for all that I buy from them.


Now onto more important things.  I need your help.  I have two boys are happen to be the pickiest eaters on the planet.  We're talking PB & J three times a day, seven days a week.  PLEASE share with me your kid friendly recipes!  I die a little every single time I smear jelly on white bread.  Currently in my cupboard resides Kashi fruit bars, Cheddar Bunnies and Cheerios.  Help me broaden their very limited palate.  GO.

and please refrain from any and all recipes that require sneaking pureed spinach into brownies.

a.  yuck
b.  ain't no one got time for all that pureeing stuff.


btw.  I started sponsoring From Mrs. to Mama last night and seriously, it may be the best decision I have ever made as a blogger.


Mrs. Mama said...

haha thanks for the shout out. girl i love you. the end.

Angie said...

Oh wow, what cute clothes! I can't wait till Spring so I can break out the shorts and platforms. It's really COLD here too

I can't help you with recipes. My kids will eat ANYTHING!

Megan said...

LOVE VS too!!

I'm in the same boat as above, Liv will pretty much eat anything! Do they like smoothies at all? Maybe banana/PB with other healthy things added in?