How to Start a Revolution

No revolution in the history of the world BEGAN with an epic battle.

Maybe the seed was planted in the heart during an epic battle, but the particular revolution sparked in a revolutionary’s heart did not start with a major battle.

Revolutions begin in hearts. They grow at dinner tables.

Growth is beautiful. When I am in step with the Holy Spirit and in tune to God’s word, I grow.

Some growth is slow and steady, but like physical growth, sometimes it comes in spurts and I want to share my light bulb with everyone around me. I want them to experience it too. I want the revolution in my heart to revolutionize theirs as well.

It can feel frustrating when the people around me don’t respond and aren’t changed in the same way by the information that changed me.

Honestly, that has led to judgment on my part, more times than I can count and way more than I’d like to admit.

The thing is, just because they aren’t changing in the same way or at the same rate, doesn’t mean they aren’t. Maybe their journey looks different than mine. Maybe God is balancing us both out by me wanting to run ahead, while they are moving at a slower pace. Maybe I’m a catalyst for their change, and they are a catalyst for mine. Maybe iron is sharpening iron. Iron doesn’t sharpen iron by walking beside it. There’s friction involved. And sometimes sparks fly.

It’s not my place to judge their journey, or their speed & trajectory of growth. I trust God to lead them and give them what they need.

That’s how revolutions are started. Revolutions don’t happen because all the participants agree at exactly the same moment. Or arrive at the same conclusion, by the same means.

They start by me being “the change” I “want to see in the world”. Not by telling everybody else what they should be doing. Or trying to force them to be the change I want to see it the world. It starts with me, in my heart. And then it grows.

The interesting thing about revolutions, is that they usually begin around somebody’s dinner table. They never start with a battle. The epic battles are a culmination of the work that’s been done around dinner tables for years. They start with dinner conversations.

And maybe that’s how I can start a spiritual revolution.

Quietly. Around a dinner table. By being “the change.”  

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