What if Samuel said, ‘here I am, Lord’, did what the voice said and then it didn’t work out?

Would he have still trusted God? Would his story still be written in scripture?

What if Moses obeyed the burning bush and the people were never freed?

I did a brave thing. I thought He wanted me to.

But the answer was no.

Was it His voice? Or my own?

Was His plan an exercise in courage, or a figment of my imagination?

I don’t know. I’m still waiting for the answer.

But while I wait . . .

Samuel was God’s prophet, but not everyone listened.
Moses obeyed the bush but it took 10 plagues and a parted sea for Pharaoh to truly let the people go.
Abraham waited 15 years, when it already seemed impossible.
Jacob worked 7 years for the wrong wife.
Ruth moved countries, risked her reputation and waited for Boaz’s reply.
David was anointed and hunted by the man he would replace.
Job waited while his friends paraded by trying to fix and blaming him for his plight.
The Hebrews received the promise of a Messiah and didn’t recognize Him when He came.

They all waited. Days, years, lifetimes, generations.

They wondered too.

I can wonder and still have faith.
I can be disappointed and still be a follower.
I can question and still trust.

So I do . . .
Wonder, but have faith.
Be disappointed, and be a follower.
Question, and still trust.

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