I'm Hannah.

So in love with Christ.

30 years old.

Married to the best man I've ever known.  And the hottest.

Mom to three amazing kids:  Beckham, Crew and Kingsley.

I have a man on the side.  His name is Mike.  He is the most beautiful horse in existence.

I am addicted to eating popcorn kernels and taco bell hot sauce (not together).

The Nanny is my all time favorite tv show.

I am afraid of the dark.

I wish I were jewish.

I love sleeping.  A little too much.

I cry every single solitary time i pray for someone.  I try not too, but i can't help it.

I think the FDA is trying to make us all fat and cancerous.

I love the smell of  freshly cut grass that has been rained on, worked in leather, and gasoline.

Tombstone is my all time favorite movie.

Ironically my desire to be jewish does not influence my obssesion with all things pork.