The Story of Our House

Neither of us had a job when we got married. And yet, nearly two weeks ago, Michael carried (er...hoisted seems like a better word) me over the threshold of the home God has given us.

For the first few years of our marriage, jobs came and went. And we had baby after baby. We depended heavily on our parents for financial support.

When we finally had some consistency in the job department, we still didn't live within our means. At one point we took out payday loan after payday loan, getting further and further behind.

We would not pay our bills for months and get our electricity cut off.

All of our cars were given to us or bought for us. We went through several cars in the first ten years of our marriage.

To be honest, I can't believe we ever even TRIED to live on what we lived on. But we were not responsible with what we did have.

When I gave my life truly and fully over to Christ, things started to get better. We gradually began paying our bills consistently. We stopped asking for help from others, and we took care of our bills ourselves. We got off of all government assistance.

Those years were lean. Even when we acted responsibly with our money, there just wasn't enough to go around. God carried us through those years.

And then, we bought our first car. Completely. By. Ourselves.

I couldn't believe that this happened to us.

And then we made every payment on time. Until we were in an accident and it was totaled. And then God blessed us with a newer, fewer miles-on-it car. Which we also bought completely on our own.

We paid our rent and all of our bills completely on our own.

And then...

 Like the redemption story that began thousands of years ago and then culminated in the death of Jesus Christ, God began this story a long time ago.

He prepared us. He changed us. He brought us to the point that we can have a house of our own. A bigger, much nicer house than I ever dreamed we could have. With a recipe book shelf thing that comes from under one of the cabinets. And a Narnia Lamppost. And a chandelier. And a big window in the front to let in lots of light. And big oak trees. AND TWO BATHROOMS. On a beautiful and quiet street.

If I told you all of the things that happened to make this possible...if I told you the things that God obviously did to prepare this house for us and us for this house. You would be amazed.

This house came on the market in October 2015. I started my job in the same month. For over a year the house stayed on the market. If you know anything about the housing market where we live, you will understand how crazy it is that it was still on the market when we started looking.

We looked at 2 houses. And while I really liked this house, it seemed too good for us. But one by one the hurdles that seemed to be present, just disappeared.

I kept waiting for a hang up. But there never was one. Our realtor has commented over and over how rare our experience is.

God did this. He prepared us. He changed us. And he prepared this house for us. And he gave it to us.

Even if He hadn't done any of that, He would still be good and awesome.

But HE DID do all of that.

It takes my breath away.

And I thought you should know what an amazing God loves us.

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